Corporate Values

Our customers have made our company successful. Their loyalty over the years along with their critical and insistent need for professional products, project specifi cation and rapid service have helped hone our culture and our businessinto something we can now take pride in taking to the next level in the decades to come. What gives our company the ability to achievethis level of professionalism and to aim for even higher standards is our people. The staff at Altex maintain strong customer relationships and provide a level of personal service that is valued in the market place. What's more, our staff stay with the company for the long term. Many have served 20 years or more. This gives a continuity and retention of skills that is not frequently found in business today and complements the younger professional people we are bringing through the company. It is our intention and vision to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality protective, marine and fire coatings in Australasia. The challenge lies ahead and we are optimistic about the future. We will be working diligently on new and improved products - ones that will be safer to use, be more sustainable through extended performance and have lower environmental impacts. We want to assure our customers we are here to serve and will be here for the long term, just as we have been since 1954. The management and staff of Altex thank our customers today and in the future for placing your trust in our team and our brands.