Pyrocrete 241 (see Notes)

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Cementitious inorganic fireproofing formulation

Recommended uses for the fire protection of structural steel, bulkheads, and upgrading the fire resistance of existing concrete. Recommended areas of application are refineries, petrochemical, pharmaceutical facilities, pulp and paper mills, offshore platforms, nuclear and conventional power plants, factories, warehouses, institutional and biomedical facilities.

  • Easily applied by spray or trowel
  • Lightweight – one-third the weight of concrete for equal fire protection
  • Excellent physical properties – hard, durable, Non-friable – high impact strength
  • Nonflammable – during or after application
  • Asbestos-free – complies with all US EPA and OSHA regulations
  • Chloride and sulphide free – no special priming required
  • Single package – mixed with clean, potable water at the job site
  • Tested & approved for exterior use by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc
  • Quality Manufactured – strict Carboline quality standards monitored by UL

Unique crack-free formulation