Carboguard 510 (Trowel Grade)

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

An economical trowelable, waterborne epoxy patching and surfacing compound that exhibits excellent bond strength to concrete and other masonry surfaces. It is ideally suited for patching spalled concrete and masonry wall surfacing to accept subsequent topcoats. Carboguard 510 repairs damaged concrete, fills large cracks, and can be used as a coving and sloping material for floor-wall transitions.

  • Epoxy modification improves chemical resistance for wastewater environment
  • Water based, low odour
  • Excellent film strength, abrasion, and impact resistance
  • Is castable, making it suitable for restoring pump and machnery foundations
  • Easily topcoated to provide additional chemical resistance or improved appearance
  • Resin mix may also used as a primer without aggregate

Topcoated with Carboline’s lining systems provides protection from acid attack from H2S or MIC